San Diego Miramar College Management Team

College President

Patricia Hsieh

Phone: 619-388-7834

Executive Assistant to the President: Briele Warren

Information Officer

Stephen Quis

Steve Quis

Phone: 619-388-7876

Vice President of Student Services

Gerald Ramsey

Gerald Ramsey

Phone: 619-388-7810

Administrative Secretary: Rachel Martinez

VP, Admin Services

Brett Bell

Brett Bell

Phone: 619-388-7815

Vice President of Instruction

Dr. Paulette Hopkins

Paulette Hopkins (Acting)

Phone: 619-388-7350

Administrative Secretary: Margarita Sanchez

Dean of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE), Library and Technology

Daniel Miramontez

Daniel Miramontez

Phone: 619-388-7333

Senior Secretary: Val Sacro

Dean of Business, Technical Careers & Workforce Initiatives


Lynne Ornelas

Phone: 619-388-7392

Senior Secretary: Arnice Neff

Dean of Mathematics, Biological, Exercise & Physical Sciences

Dr. Paulette Hopkins

Paulette Hopkins

Phone: 619-388-7750

Senior Secretary: Melanie Cordero

Dean of Liberal Arts

Lou Ascione

Lou Ascione

Phone: 619-388-7873

Senior Secretary: Joyce Allen

Dean of Student Affairs

Adela Jacobson

Adela Jacobson

Phone: 619-388-7313

Senior Secretary: Sandra Romero

Dean of Student Development & Matriculation

To Be Announced

Phone: 619-388-7270

Senior Secretary: To Be Announced

Dean of Public Safety

George Beitey

George Beitey

Phone: 619-388-7860

Clerical Supervisor: Lisa Howard

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